Horizon360 offers enterprises and IT service providers a set of modular tools and services
along the entire value chain of IT performance transformation
to identify, capture, and sustain significant improvements in performance.
Horizon360 offers tools and services to improve the IT performance of medium and large enterprises and IT service providers. We support the entire value chain of IT performance transformation: quickly assessing current performance, benchmarking against industry peers and best-in-class companies, identifying improvement levers and quantifying potential, supporting implementation measures, and sustaining improvements over time.
Horizon360 is part of McKinsey Solutions and is based on the cumulative IT expertise of McKinsey's Business Technology Office. It consists of five products: Industry IT Assessment, Rapid IT Diagnostic, Deep-Dive Diagnostic, a Performance Advisor tool to facilitate IT management decision making, and a Transformation Toolkit to support the transformation journey of the IT function.

What Horizon360 provides

IT performance is of growing strategic importance as IT acts as a core business enabler and requires substantial corporate resources. In addition, technology disruptions and fast-changing markets demand high flexibility in IT operations.

Horizon360 helps organizations substantially improve their IT performance by using a unique combination of proprietary data, analyses, web-based tools, expert support, and McKinsey’s deep experience in making change happen.

Horizon360 helps your organization achieve:

  • Comprehensive insights into the performance of your IT organization
  • Enhanced capabilities to drive and sustain change through IT management best practices
  • Improved effectiveness, increasing the value IT provides to the business

For IT service providers, Horizon360 enables significant margin improvement while at the same time strengthening delivery practices.

Horizon360 leverages McKinsey’s expertise and proprietary knowledge and tools across industries and geographies:

  • A database with quantitative and qualitative IT metrics across multiple industries
  • In-depth knowledge of IT management best practices
  • Software tools to identify and sustain performance improvements
  • A deep industry-specific understanding of how IT capabilities link to business results
  • Access to experts across geographies, functions, and industries